Thirty Years since Morgentaler: A New Frontier?

In this post originally published on the Active History blog, RAARN members Shannon Stettner and Katrina Ackerman reflect on abortion politics and access thirty years after the Morgentaler decision, which struck down Canada's existing abortion law:


The “A” Word: Intertwined Histories of Infertility, Adoption and Abortion

Read about how RAARN member Katrina Ackerman's research on the anti-abortion movement in Atlantic Canada has led to a new research focus on infertility and the link between fertility issues and anti-abortion sentiments.

What the US election means for reproductive justice and abortion access

At this point, we are wondering what the potential impacts of the change in leadership in the US will bring to matters of reproductive justice and abortion access. Do you want to write a blog post about this? Please contact me, Colleen MacQuarrie ( if you are interested in blogging about your ideas.

Screwing the System, Changing the Game: Reproductive Justice in New Brunswick

2014 brought many changes to New Brunswick. After struggling financially for many years, the Maritime Provinces’ only abortion clinic announced its closure in the spring and shut its doors in July.

Once the announcement was made, a grass roots movement took hold in Fredericton. What started as reactionary rallies hosted by the Fredericton Youth Feminists, and an ad hoc committee, evolved and has grown into a feminist collective named Reproductive Justice New Brunswick.

Creating change with networking

RAARN Reproductive Activism and Abortion Research Network

Shannon Stettner & Colleen MacQuarrie

The purpose for Reproductive Activism and Abortion Rights Network (RAARN) is to create a dynamic and interactive online environment for people dedicated to enhancing reproductive justice options. Our goal is to use RAARN as an inclusive resource for scholars, advocates, and activists to share their thoughts, their work, and their strategies for creating change with similarly motivated others.

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