Creating change with networking

RAARN Reproductive Activism and Abortion Research Network

Shannon Stettner & Colleen MacQuarrie

The purpose for Reproductive Activism and Abortion Rights Network (RAARN) is to create a dynamic and interactive online environment for people dedicated to enhancing reproductive justice options. Our goal is to use RAARN as an inclusive resource for scholars, advocates, and activists to share their thoughts, their work, and their strategies for creating change with similarly motivated others.

The idea for RAARN grew out of the recognition that undertaking research is often a solitary endeavour, especially as the body of scholars without permanent academic homes grows. RAARN is a place where you can reach out to other scholars studying similar topics. It also emerged from a desire to help bridge connections among and between front-line activists and academic-activists.

As we grow, the website will offer a virtual networking space where you can access a range of people and their work dedicated to reproductive activism in general and abortion scholarship/advocacy in particular. You can read blogs by advocates and scholars reflecting on the status and trends for reproductive equity in Canada and internationally. The whole website is searchable so that you can locate information about specific topics or particular regions or activities and publications. Membership is free and members can carry out dialogues on the blogs to enhance collaborative knowledge creation in the network. Members may link their pertinent information including resources they wish to share and contact information for further collaborations. Users can access papers, photos, and videos starting with the originating conference programme with subsequent conferences adding to the archive.

Anyone can search RAARN and link to the resources but only members get to place their information on the website. There is no fee to join, but you must apply and membership can be revoked if you violate the principles of respectful communication. To apply, fill out the application form and send relevant links. Once approved a member can participate in the commenting function of the blogs, have their information available including links to their cv, writing, and calls for action and organizing in their region.

In upcoming blogs we will be highlighting various regions of Canada and internationally for what is happening for abortion access and reproductive equity. If you are interested in writing a blog post about abortion and reproductive justice in your area or in sharing your research, please send us an email. Stay tuned, and get involved!

Our next guest blog will be by Reproductive Justice New Brunswick to highlight what is happening in that Canadian province.