Abortion and Reproductive Justice- The Unfinished Revolution II


International Conference
2/3rd June 2016
Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

On behalf of the Organising Committee we would like to invite you to attend the Abortion and Reproductive Justice- The Unfinished Revolution II, an international conference to be hosted by the Institute of Research in Social Sciences (IRISS) Ulster University, Northern Ireland. The conference seeks to build on inter-disciplinary learning about access to abortion, activism and abortion politics by posing the question “how does abortion sit within the reproductive justice framework?”

The lives, bodies and sexuality of women, people who are transgender, intersex, lesbian, gay and bi-sexual, people who are incarcerated, especially people of colour, those without economic resources and those with disabilities, are controlled, regulated and stigmatized, and politically and culturally policed in many societies. Reproductive justice is an integral part of the global human rights framework, with access to sexual and reproductive health services having long been recognised as crucial to a person’s health and well-being. Academics addressing matters related to reproductive justice and abortion including sexual and reproductive health are invited to make theoretical and empirical contributions from across disciplines from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Call for papers



If you wish to present a paper / deliver a presentation at the conference please follow the link to the call for papers here.



Abstract submission:
10 September to 1 November 2015

Early bird registration:
available until 14 February 2016

Provisional programme:
available after 1 March 2016

2nd and 3rd June 2016


For further information please contact RJConf@ulster.ac.uk.