RAARN Members' Research

Article Title Journal Year Author(s)
Transcending Borders 2017 Shannon Stettner, Katrina Ackerman, Kristin Burnett, Travis Hay
Breaking the silence on abortion: the role of adult community abortion education in fostering resistance to norms Culture, Health, and Sexuality 2017 Fiona, K Bloomer, Kellie O'Dowd, Catriona Macleod
Without Apology 2016 Shannon Stettner, Shannon Stettner
RENAL AND OBSTETRIC OUTCOMES AFTER KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION I˙N PREGNANCY: A SINGLE CENTER EXPERIENCE Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2016 Yavuz Ayar, Alparslan Ersoy, Abdulmecit Yildiz, Abdulmecit Yildiz, Gokhan Ocakoglu, Bilge, C Demir, Bayram Korkut, Burcu Bozkurt, Ahmet, B Sahin
Exploring Canadian women's knowledge of and interest in mifepristone: results from a national qualitative study with abortion patients Contraception 2016 Kristina, I. Vogel, Kathryn, J. LaRoche, Julie El-Haddad, Andréanne Chaumont, Angel, M. Foster
Costs and consequences of abortions to women and their households: a cross-sectional study in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Health policy and planning 2015 Patrick G C Ilboudo, Giulia Greco, Johanne Sundby, Gaute Torsvik
Caesarean section by immigrants' length of residence in Norway: a population-based study. European journal of public health 2015 Ingvil K Sørbye, Anne K Daltveit, Johanne Sundby, Camilla Stoltenberg, Siri Vangen
A qualitative study exploring the determinants of maternal health service uptake in post-conflict Burundi and Northern Uganda. BMC pregnancy and childbirth 2015 Primus Che Chi, Patience Bulage, Henrik Urdal, Johanne Sundby
Perceptions of the effects of armed conflict on maternal and reproductive health services and outcomes in Burundi and Northern Uganda: a qualitative study. BMC international health and human rights 2015 Primus Che Chi, Patience Bulage, Henrik Urdal, Johanne Sundby
Understanding for a Change: Research In Action 2014 Colleen MacQuarrie, Jo-Ann MacDonald, Cathrine Chambers
A rollercoaster of policy shifts: global trends and reproductive health policy in The Gambia. Global public health 2014 Johanne Sundby
Key determinants of induced abortion in women seeking postabortion care in hospital facilities in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. International journal of women's health 2014 Patrick Gc Ilboudo, Serge Ma Somda, Johanne Sundby
Preterm subtypes by immigrants' length of residence in Norway: a population-based study. BMC pregnancy and childbirth 2014 Ingvil K Sørbye, Anne K Daltveit, Johanne Sundby, Siri Vangen
The first welfare case: money, sex, marriage, and white supremacy in Selma, 1966: a reproductive justice analysis. Journal of women's history 2010 Rickie Solinger
The Moral Economy of Abortion Policy in Burkina Faso Fatoumata Ouattara, Katerini Storeng
Abortion history, laws, women’s activism, and abortion on demand in Norway Johanne Sundby
Cultures of Abortion and the Female Fetish: Popular Culture, Abortion, and Political Imagery in post 9-11 America Annessa Babic
Bearing Witness: Medical Abortion Anastasia's story Anastasia Wansborough
Reproductive Justice New Brunswick Zine RJNB Zine
Giving the voiceless a voice: Excavating Women's histories from the archives in Turkey and the United States Women's Studies International Forum Annessa, A Babic, Tanfer, E Tunc