RAARN Members' Research

Article Title Journal Year Author(s)
Emergency Contraception in Post-Conflict Somalia: An Assessment of Awareness and Perceptions of Need Studies in Family Planning Faduma Gure, Mohammed Dahir, Marian Yusuf, Angel, M Foster
“It was as if society didn't want a woman to get an abortion”: a qualitative study in Istanbul, Turkey Contraception Katrina, A MacFarlane, Mary, L O'Neil, Deniz Tekdemir, Angel, M Foster
"“They made me go through like weeks of appointments and everything”: Documenting women's experiences seeking abortion care in Yukon territory, Canada. Contraception Jennifer, K Cano, Angel, M Foster
Politics, policies, pronatalism, and practice: availability and accessibility of abortion and reproductive health services in Turkey Reproductive Health Matters Katrina, A MacFarlane, Mary, L O’Neil, Deniz Tekdemir, Elvin Çetin, Barış Bilgen, Angel, M Foster
Reproductive Justice: An Introduction Loretta Ross, Rickie Solinger
Reproductive States: Global Perspectives on the Invention and Implementation of Population Policy Rickie Solinger, Mie Nakachi
“‘In the image and likeness of God’: Abortion Law Reform and Religion in Letters to the Editors of Canadian Newspapers in the Sixties Shannon Stettner, Bruce Douville
“We Are Forced to Declare War”: Linkages between the 1970 Abortion Caravan and Women’s Anti-Vietnam War Activism Histoire sociale/Social history Shannon Stettner
“He is still unwanted”: Women’s Assertions of Authority over Abortion in Letters to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada Canadian Bulletin of Medical History Shannon Stettner
Abortion: History, Politics, and Reproductive Justice after Morgentaler Shannon Stettner, Kristin Burnett, Travis Hay